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    Registrations Open For '22.


  • 13th March 2022

    Live Concert Finale '21.

    Featuring six finalist bands. Awards to be announced in a ceremony following six short concerts, interviews, and special guests.

  • 31th March 2022

    Registrations Close.

  • 4th April 2022

    Announcement Of Semi-Finalists.

    Bands '22

  • 5th April 2022

    Voting Starts.

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  • 20th April 2022

    Voting Closes.

  • 21th April 2022

    Announcement Of Finalists.

    Bands '22

  • 2th June 2022

    Live Concert Finale '22.

    Finale KVEMA in the Azijnfabriek as the opening of Jazz in Duketown. Den Bosch, Netherlands.

  • 3th June 2022

    Live Show.

    All finalists will perform at the Jazz in Duketown Festival.