We’re three weeks in! An update…

We are delighted to share that we’ve gotten an amazing response to the new award! Therefore, we firstly want to thank everyone who registered or showed interest in the Karel van Eerd Music Award. We are already so excited with the talent that we’ve seen coming in and are still hearing about the many great bands who will sign up.

From New Orleans to Berlin, bands from all over the globe have signed-up for the very first edition of the KVEMA. The first 30 band profiles have been completed. However, over 50 band leaders have already created account on the Award’s website. This means that a lot more bands are on their way and gathering their best materials! We cannot wait!


Until now we’ve seen a diverse range of bands playing different jazz styles and from various countries such as the USA, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Russia, the UK, and The Netherlands. We’re just waiting on more countries to be added to the list!


Until December 12th, band leaders can still complete their profiles or register their band. After that it is just waiting until December 20th when the jury announces which bands will go on to the semi-finals!

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