Eelco Van Velzen (chairman)

Eelco van Velzen is a Dutch jazz trombone player who during his career became more and more involved in organizing concerts and festivals all over the world. As a serial entrepreneur he started an artist agency in the ‘90’s, including a music publishing department and a record label. Then an accounting firm was added, focusing solely on artist and art-related entities. When internet became a thing it frustrated Eelco that the bigger record companies didn’t acknowledge the immense possibilities the world wide web opened for music, artists, concert organizers and the distribution of music. As a ‘believer’ he landed with an advertising agency that helped publishing companies with their online strategies. Fast forward: His love for jazz music, his extensive experience in performing, organizing events and working for many industries he decided to bundle all that and join forces with entrepreneur and jazz lover Karel van Eerd. Even if it’s merely one stepping stone in a larger plan, this Award is a result of that initiative. Eelco will be involved with all the follow up concerning the winners and making sure #KVEMA will grow into the most desired award for live jazz performers world wide.