How to win

The International Band Contest for the Karel van Eerd Music Award is open to all jazz bands and bands performing “jazz-adjacent” music and will consist of two phases: Online and Live Concert.

In the Online Phase, artists submit their information, recent work, and a questionnaire on the band’s ambitions. The Award’s nominating committee will make a first selection of semi-finalists based on the strength and coherence of each band’s musical quality, performance ability, online sites and profiles, and sheer entertainment factor. Some bands will be stronger in one category or another. After this first selection, fans and the public will vote, along with the award committee, and select three finalists.

In the Live Concert Phase, the four finalist bands will meet in Den Bosch, NL for a series of performances in front of an expert Jury and supportive live audience. Win over the jury like you would in any other concert and win the contest! The jury will pick based on musical quality, performance ability, and sheer entertainment factor. See our COVID Policy page for clear information about contingency plans for the Live Concert Phase. Prizes