COVID-19 policy

Festiventures BV must comply with the laws of all the countries where activities might take place. As far as restrictions due to COVID-19 are in place to perform live music, limiting audiences and such, Festiventures BV will implement solutions as required per situation where things cannot be done according to itinerary due to covid-restrictions.

Festiventures has split the Contest into two phases to limit the effect of the Pandemic. The second phase, the Live Concert Phase, is envisioned to take place in person with a live audience. To the extent possible, Festiventures may postpone, alter, limit, or otherwise change the event in order to increase the possibility of a live audience, but cannot guarantee that the Live Concert Phase will take place in person or with an audience.

Festiventures will endeavor to communicate with bands and fans about our plans, expectations, any testing or vaccine requirements, etc, based on ongoing health realities and governmental developments and orders.