About Festiventures

Festiventures BV is a Netherlands-based music industry partner that celebrates the greatness of jazz music. Our mission is multi-faceted, and The Karel van Eerd Music Award is just a start. An amazing one though.

We will soon announce the details of the second part: an online platform for all stakeholders of the jazz ecosystem.

We are fueled by the strong belief that the time is now to repair and invigorate the live jazz music ecosystem in Europe and beyond. You didn’t know it was broken? We think it is and we are not alone.

We are you.

If we want to turn things around, in order to increase the number of jazz concerts, concert locations, concert visitors and find larger audiences with wider demographics to make the live jazz eco system more sustainable, we all need to join forces.

‘We’ is not just Festiventures or the team behind the Karel van Eerd Music Award. It’s you too. And everybody else from performers to promoters, media companies, venues and festivals. And fans in increasing numbers and wider demographics.

We care about jazz concerts of every size, from world-renowned festivals and clubs hosting touring, professional bands on illustrious stages, to amateur bands in local pubs, to student bands showcasing at school events. Every event has an impact, just as every great jazz musician was once an amateur in a pub or a school band, or playing "happy birthday" for a grandparent (poorly but oh so cute).

Most live jazz concerts are staged by music lovers, volunteers and small local businesses. We give thanks to all those initiatives because they paved the way for the greats to develop into each of those amazing artists we have come to cherish. Keep doing what you are doing, help is on the way!

We will tell you more. Soon. You will love it.